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The Aruban Civil Aviation Authority was founded in August 1984 as Bureau Luchtvaart Zaken (Bureau of Aviation Affairs). On January 1st, 1986 the Department Civil Aviation achieved its legal basis when Aruba reached its Status Aparte (autonomous status) within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Basis Of The Air Transport Policy

During the 25 years of Status Aparte within the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Aruba has come a long way in the field of civil aviation. Its liberal air transport policy, growing tourism industry, the adaption of the Joint Aviation Regulations of the European Union as Aruban laws, membership in the Latin American Civil Aviation Commission (LACAC), prominent role in the Transport Committee of the ACS, presence in the Assemblies of ICAO, and the many bilateral agreements signed, have shown the dynamism in Aruba's policy towards international air transport. It is clear that Aruba is working towards securing its economic future, and improvements are being made upon what has been achieved up to now.

Our Vision

An integrated and progressive civil aviation system that promotes a proactive safety culture and strive for continuous improvement in the management of safety with as little accidents and incidents as possible and sufficient opportunities for economic expansion.

Our Mission

Our organization will develop and administer policies and regulations and will maintain safety oversight to prevent accidents and reduce their potential for damage or injury. We will contribute in an environmentally oriented manner to a safe and sustainable aviation system and want thereby to achieve public confidence.