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Civil Aviation Department


Malawi is a land locked country and as such, Civil Aviation and the Air Transport play a very important role in the transportation of passengers, cargo and mail.

This is the authority responsible for regulation and operations of the Aviation in Malawi through the Ministry of Transport and Public Works. The Director of Civil Aviation is the chief executive empowered by the statute to run the Department. There are five international Airports where Air Traffic services and Aerodrome Fire and Rescue services are provided. There are also thirteen unmanned Aerodromes operated by the Department of Civil Aviation. Use of these Aerodromes is open to the general public in accordance with Civil Aviation rules and regulations. The Department is carrying out a number of programmes in order to achieve its mandate, vision, mission, and objectives.


A safe, efficient and cost effective air Transport service


To provide safe, efficient, cost effective and sustainable air transport infrastructure and services to operators in the transportation of passengers, freight and mail in accordance with internationally acceptable standards contributing to the socio-economic development of Malawi.


• To regulate and facilitate the development of a sustainable Air Transport Industry in Malawi;

• Services provided by Civil Aviation ; Airworthiness, Aviation licensing, Air Traffic Management, Aeronautical Information, Communication, Flight Operations, Fire and Rescue, Aerodrome Services, Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering Services.