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Karya Building, 22nd Floor Ji Medan Merdeka Barat No 8

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Explanation of VISION of Directorate General of Civil Aviation in general is:

  • RELIABLE AIR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, indicated by the provision of safe, safety, comfortable, punctuality, maintenance, sufficient needs, reaching all corners of the country and capable of supporting national development in the State container Unity of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI);
  • A TRAVELING AIR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES , indicated by efficient transportation, affordability by all walks of life, environmentally friendly, sustainable, serviced by professional, independent and productive human resources.
  • AIR TRANSPORTATION SERVICES PROVIDING ADDITIONAL VALUE , indicated by the provision of communications that are capable of promoting national production growth through a conducive business climate for the development of community participation, small and medium enterprises and cooperatives, controlling the rate of inflation through the smooth mobility of people and the distribution of goods to all corners of the land water, so as to contribute to the acceleration of national economic growth and create employment, especially in sectors that benefit from the benefits of transportation services.

MISSION Directorate General of Civil Aviation:

  • Improving air transport services to realize national connectivity;
  • Improving the safety, security and reliability of air transportation in an effort to improve air transport services;
  • Improving the implementation of research, development and application of science and technology in the framework of development of environmentally friendly air transportation technology;
  • Improve the professionalism of human resources and institutional restructuring / reform and regulation.

PURPOSE to be achieved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation:

  1. To realize the safety and security of air transport services;
  2. Achieve accessibility in support of national logistics connectivity and competitiveness;
  3. Achieve increased capacity of air transport facilities and infrastructure facilities;
  4. Improve the professionalism of human resources in air transportation and the utilization of science and technology;
  5. Broaden the role of the air transportation sector towards sustainable national development; 
  6. Realizing good governance.

TARGETS Directorate General of Civil Aviation: 

A. Safety and Security Aspects
1. Reduced number of air transport accidents; 
2. Reduced number of security disturbances in the provision of air transport; 

B. Service Aspects
1. Increased performance of air transport facilities and services; 
2. Fulfillment of human resources in the number of transportation and competence in accordance with the needs; 
3. Improved performance of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in realizing good gevernance; 
4. Increasing the determination and quality of regulations in the implementation of air communications policy; 
5. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions (RAN-GRK) and the increasing application of environmentally friendly technologies to the air transport sector.

C. Aspects of Transportation Capacity
1. Increased capacity of air transport facilities and infrastructure and integration of inter-mode and multimodal transport systems; 
2. Increased air transport services on the border of the country, outer islands, and other non-commercial areas.