DGAC - Ecuador

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Postal address

Buenos Aires Oe1-53 y Av. 10 de Agosto

Quito , 170411



Tel + 593-2 294-7400


Association information


To be a technical institution that guarantees the safety and security of aviation by providing quality services for the sustainable development of air transport in the country.


Regulate, control, monitor and manage aeronautical and airport activities, guaranteeing security in air operations.


  • Responsibility:

Fully comply with the activities entrusted, guiding the actions towards the achievement of the objectives.

  • Loyalty:

Obligation of each public servant of fidelity to the Ecuadorian State, to the General Direction of Civil Aviation and to himself

  • Integrity:

Coherence between saying and doing according to ethical and moral principles.

  • Respect:

Recognition of own value and the rights of individuals and society.

  • Honesty:

Righteousness, thoroughness and reliability, in the behavior of each public servant.