DI. NACIA - Uruguay

Visiting address

Postal address

Avda. Wilson Ferreira Aldunate (ex Camino Carrasco)

Canelones, , 5519



Tel +598 2604 04 08

www. dinacia.gub.uy

Association information

Mission and vision


Run civil aviation policy of the Republic in accordance with current regulations and recommendations of the competent international bodies, continuously monitor safety and exercising management and comptroller of civil aviation activities.

Provide a safe, regular and efficient infrastructure and air navigation services throughout the territory and national airspace, prioritizing excellence in the services provided to users.

Ensure the safety, regularity and efficiency of aviation operations and the provision of services in accordance with international standards and requirements in the field.


Form an organization with training and adequate to achieve the provision of aeronautical services to the highest level of quality regional and international technology.