EANA (Argentine Air Navigation Company) - Argentina

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1002AAQ, Av. Rivadavia 578,

Caba , C1002AAQ



Tel +54 11 4320-3900


Association information

We are the Argentine Air Navigation Company ( EANA ), a state company under the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation ( Law 27,161 ). It arises as a need to complete the transfer of the SNA from Argentina to the civil sphere.

We are the providers of the essential public air navigation service (PSNA) in the Argentine Republic and its jurisdictional waters. We operate in 47 aerodromes and airports and in 5 regional area control centers (ACC).

We are the authority that implements, as public policy, the planning, direction, coordination and administration of air traffic, of telecommunications services and aeronautical information, of the facilities, infrastructures and communication networks of the air navigation system.

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Our vision

EANA manages air traffic with organizational excellence, ensuring safe and efficient flights, without delays or avoidable cancellations, applying standards and processes of operations and safety with international quality.

Our mission

Provide the SNAs in and from the Argentine territory - with the exception of the SNA provided by the Ministry of Defense - seeking the following aspects:

  • Compliance with national and international regulations and procedures.
  • Technological and infrastructure development.
  • Environmental care.
  • Development of safe, efficient and sustainable air operations.



To achieve our mission, we consider the following challenges:

  • Security: Develop, implement, maintain and continuously improve the strategies and processes in order to achieve the highest level of performance of Operational Safety.
  • Capacity: Achieve that the capacity accompanies the increase of the demand on the part of the aerial operators, allowing a strong growth of the air traffic in the next years.
  • Optimization: Reduce cancellations and delays related to air traffic management.
  • Technological Development: Invest in the development of technologies for the air navigation sector.
  • Regional Economies: Within the framework of the Aero Commercial Policy deployed in recent years, our challenge is to be part of the development of regional economies.



Our values                                                          We are committed to ...

Integrity and Honesty                                Develop our activities with integrity and honesty.

Vocation of Customer Service                     Orient ourselves decidedly to satisfy the needs of our

Respect and Teamwork                              Respect others, through an open culture and extensive

Professionalism and reliability                    The professionalism of our staff and the reliability of                                                                     the company.

Sustainable development                           The sustainable development of air operations                                                                             protecting the environment

Operational safety                                     Offer air navigation services where safety is a priority.