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Air traffic is cooperation

Finavia manages the Finnish national airport network. The company also controls Finnish airspace and provides traffic control services, which is rare in international comparison. Read more about Finavia’s areas of responsibility and businesses. There are also a few smaller, municipal airports in Finland.

In other countries, airports are typically owned by the state, municipalities or investors. The owners can manage one or several airports. Different countries also have different means of organising their airspace control and air navigation services. Generally, air navigation is managed by a separate company or by authorities.

Carriers are responsible for transporting passengers, luggage and freight. Their tasks include check-in, luggage handling and services at the gates and arrivals desks. Carriers also prepare on-board meals, refuel their aircraft and manage ice removal. Typically, these tasks are performed by ground handling companies at airports.

Passengers encounter several service providers at the airport, such as shops, restaurants, money exchange services and car rental shops.

Authorities supervise the safety of airports. In Finland, airport safety is supervised by the police, the Finnish Boarder Guard and Customs.

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