FOCA (Federal Office of Civil Aviation) - Switzerland

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Mühlestrasse 2



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Federal Office of Civil Aviation

Bern , 3003



Tel +41 58 465 80 39

Fax +41 58 465 80 32


Association information

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) strives for high safety standards and the sustainable development of Swiss civil aviation. Its activities are conducted in the interests of Swiss society and the economy and are internationally integrated and coordinated.

As an independent regulator, the FOCA is responsible for ensuring the highest safety and security standards in Swiss civil aviation. It takes measures to promote civil aviation and strives for its sustainable development. Through its activities, the FOCA contributes to Switzerland's locational appeal. The FOCA participates in international aviation organisations so as to ensure that Switzerland's national interests receive due consideration.

The FOCA delivers its services competently and reliably. The aims is to achieve a high degree of acceptance from the public, as well as from actors from politics and business due to its appropriate and forward-looking actions. The FOCA communicates in a professional, swift and transparent manner. It places great value on having staff who are well-qualified and aware of their responsibilities and promotes these qualities through targeted training.