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PO Box: 137

Ben-Gurion Airport

Ben-Gurion , 7015001



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Association information

The Israel Airports Authority (hereinafter: "The Authority") was established in 1977 as a public corporation under the Airports Authority Law, 5737 – 1977 (hereinafter: "The Law"). The Law defines the authority's structure, functions and authorities granted thereto as a statutory public corporation.

The authority's functions according to Paragraph 5 (a) of the Law:

 1.  "To maintain, operate, develop and manage the airports listed below and provide therein 
      accompanying services to all the specified activities".
 2. "To plan and construct airports as determined in the master plan approved by the Minister of 
     Transport – in accordance with instructions which shall be given to the Authority following 
     consultation with the Board."
 3. "To take measures to ensure the security of the airports and the persons, goods, aircraft, 
     buildings, facilities and equipment therein, in accordance with the directives given by the
     Minister of Transport."
 4. "To provide, at military airports … such services as the Minister of Transport may order by a 
     decree …"
     Paragraph 5 (b) further states that: "In addition to a service provided by the Authority in 
     accordance with sub-paragraph (a), the Authority is permitted to provide other services at the 
     Authority's airports or in connection therewith, which may be provided while fulfilling its 
     functions as aforesaid."
     It is stated in paragraph 5 (c) that: "In fulfilling its functions and by providing
according to this paragraph, the Authority shall act in light of the principles of
     promoting and developing air transport, effectiveness of airport operations and achieving and
     maintaining a proper level of flight safety."

     Paragraph 7 to the Law states as follows: "A guideline to the Authority's activities shall be the 
     management of all its airports, and to the extent possible – each of its airports – on the basis
     of economic calculations and as a self-supporting enterprise."