IAC (Iran Airport and Air Navigation Company) - Iran

Visiting address

Postal address

Me'raj Blvd, Mehrabad Airport,

Mehrabad , 13445-1558



Tel +98 21 6314 8787 / 8001

Fax +98 21 6314 8776


Association information


Essential Mission of Iran Airports & Air Navigation Company


  • Operation, Management and Development of Iran Airports to facilitate safe and Secure transportation of passenger and  Air cargo,
  • Provide Air Navigation Services to flights operating in Iranian Airspace and Airports,
  • Design, Equip, Maintain and control ATS Routes in Iranian Airspace
  • Installing and maintaining Communication, Navigation and Surveillance equipment for air traffic management
  • Airport Passenger and cargo handling
  • Consultant Service on Purchase, Installation of equipment and airport Systems,
  • Preparation Publication and Distribution of Aeronautical Information publication ( AIP)

And Provision of Aeronautical Information Services.