IDAC Dominican Republic

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Ave. Mexico Esq. 30 de Marzo,

Gazcue , 10216

Dominican Republic


Tel +1 809 221 7909

Fax +1 809 221 6220

Association information


Regulate, certify, monitor and provide air navigation services for the civil aviation activity of the Dominican Republic, supervising compliance with national and international regulations, ensuring operational safety.


To be recognized as a reference of aeronautical authority in the national and international scope based on models of high efficiency and sustainable development.



Committed, with demonstrated abilities, competent in his work. He does it with quality, equity and ethics.


It includes a set of moral and ethical values such as honesty, honesty, respect for oneself and others, emotional control, loyalty, neatness, congruence and firmness in their actions. He is reliable and incorruptible.


It is the mechanism by which the accessibility of the information is guaranteed sincerely, clearly, objectively, and corresponding to the reality in face of the interested parties, preventing acts of corruption.


It is governed responsibly by the rules and statutes and its consistency generates a result that meets the expectations of the interested parties.

Focus on the client

Teamwork concept that concerns the entire organization on how to serve all interested parties. This requires an attitude of openness and adaptability that allows permeating the management of cultural change around the service.

Orientation to safety

Provide all the necessary elements to safeguard the physical and material integrity of all interested parties


For the fulfillment of our mission, in the IDAC we understand that the competence of our personnel, the quality of the customer service, the environmental performance and the occupational health and safety of our activities are paramount. In this way we ensure the national interest by committing ourselves to:

  1. Compliance with the applicable legal regulations.
  2. The effective management of the Regulation, Certification and Surveillance of the aeronautical activity, as well as the effective provision of the Air Navigation Services.
  3. The prevention of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases and pollution.
  4. The responsible use of natural resources and their derivatives.
  5. The continuous improvement of our processes, with emphasis on quality, safety and occupational health and environmental performance.
  6. The development of our activities within the framework of social responsibility.
  7. The promotion and development of aeronautical activity.