INAC - Venezuela

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Urb. Altamira Sur, Av. José Félix Sosa c/ Av. Luis Roche, Torre Británica de Seguros, Pisos 2 al 8. Chacao,

Caracas , estado Miranda , 1060



Tel +58 212 277 4411

Association information


Ensure compliance with Operational Safety standards, by service providers, through a timely inspection and effective certification, in accordance with established regulations, in order to provide users of air transport , full confidence and security in it and promote innovative programs of the National Aeronautical System, based on national development and regional integration.


To be an effective organization in terms of safety and aeronautical service, creating a culture of quality and sustainable development that allows us to reach the highest standards according to the needs of the national and international civil aviation sector.


Addressing the experiences of working life as a creative task will be a duty to achieve our wellbeing and that of the institute.

Shared Vision:
Demonstrating trust among us will allow us to create a common identity to solve problems and share solutions.

We assume with integrity the guarantee of compliance with national and international regulations on aeronautical safety.

Our behaviour will be a reflection of honesty and transparency in thought, words, action and conduct.

We will take initiatives that, in our daily work, make the events happen with positive results and achieve the objectives.

We will maintain loyalty for the vision, mission, values and objectives of our institution at all times and in every action for its members and the country.

Our spirit of work will contribute to the sum of all the effort of the institute is greater than the effort of individuals, for which our interests will be added to the interests of the institute.


"Your security is our commitment"