LFV - Sweden

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Hospitalsgatan 30

602 27


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PO Box: PO Box 54

Hospitalsgatan 30,

Malmö Sturup , 230 32



Tel +46 11 19 20 00

Fax +46 11 19 26 40


Association information

LFV's main task is to provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly air navigation services for civil and military aviation in Sweden.

LFV shall:

• Comply with the transport policy objectives

• Deliver air navigation services nationally & internationally

• Promote research, development and new technology

• Develop Functional Airspace Blocks

• Comply with EU performance requirements

LFV is a brand driven air navigation service provider with a mission to service and provide the market with smart solutions for the aviation of tomorrow.

Our purpose

Based on our customer insights we focus on being a reliable and flexible partner for our customers, understanding their needs and proactively service their businesses. Through brand driven innovation and strong customer focus, we support our customers so that they can meet the demands and challenges within the aviation industry today and tomorrow.

Significant for the aviation industry is the emphasis on development through research, various forms of national/international collaborations and a strong technology focus. LFV plays an active role in all these areas, taking a lead position or contributing within various projects, partnerships and advanced solutions.

  • Leading and taking part in various R&D activities
  • As a partner in the development of the European airspace.
  • Joint FAB (Functional Airspace Block) between Swedish LFV/Danish Naviair
  • Launching Remote Tower Services, LFV is first in the world operating this service, attracting global attention. It is a completely new way of conducting air traffic control.

A brand journey

In 2015 we identified the need to update and refresh our brand identity, launching a new look and feel for LFV in 2016. The updated orange logotype, embrace warmth, excitement, innovation and differentiation and has triggered a lot of positive attention. Our brand transitional work has also entailed the creation of a brand platform of which our guiding brand principles are to be solution oriented, committed and new thinking.

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