Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications - Turkey

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is to provide and monitor transport, information and communications services for all users in a qualified, balanced, safe, environmental friendly, fair and economic manner.


is to increase global competitiveness of the country and quality of life for the citizens by providing transport and communications services over the level of contemporary civilization.


The fast expansion of the global trade driven by the globalization has established the transport sector as one of the most important actors of the global economy. Doubtless to say, the aviation sector within which technological developments are adopted soon, has been progressing rapidly, is playing a great role in the international and intercontinental integration and unification, in fact leading this process.

Aviation which is one of the most effective tools in the formation of the global system requires leadership, cooperation, partnership and coordination efforts as the most important precondition to sustain this system .

With the steps that were taken in 2002 to liberalize the aviation sector and the commencement of scheduked flights by the private sector, the Turkish civil aviation sector has entered into a rapid growth period, annual sectoral growth rate, which is around 5 % in the world, has registered 30% record breaking annual gwowth rate. Turkey has already attained 10 yars before the total traffic growth which was envisaged for 2015 by international organization in the transport sector.

In 2007, the total passenger number in domestic and international flights has surmounted 70 million, 6 million people flewn for the first time in their lives in 2007. Within the framework of the policies implemented by our ministry, as a result of our activities initiated with the slogan All Turkis citiens will board plane there have been important developments in the aviations sector. Within that framework, our ministry is carrying out comprehensive activities in the following fields: 

  • To improve aviation sector
  • To construct new airports, to complete the modernization of the present airports
  • To develop regional aviation and economical regional airports
  • To implement civil aviation projects
  • To carry out international activities in the civil aviation field