MoldATSA - Moldova

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2026, Avenue Dacia 80/4

Chisinau , MD-2026



Tel +373 22 502 805

Fax 373 22 525 907

Association information

MoldATSA (Moldavian Air Traffic Services Authority) - is the Air Navigation Services Provider in Republic of Moldova.

Created in 1994  in accordance with the Government Resolution No.3 of 12 January 1994.

MoldATSA  is an autonomous 100% State owned enterprise, operating on a self-financing basis.

At the end of 1998 it was decided to create inside the enterprise the  Aviation Meteorological Service with the aim of providing meteorological aeronautical services.

The same year MoldATSA takes over from the International Airport of Chisinau the aeronautical information unit, which  has been later reorganized into the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS).

Following the requirements set up by EUROCONTROL, MoldATSA creates at the beginning of 2003 the Safety and Quality Mangement Service.

MoldATSA is subbordinated directly to the Ministry of Transport and Roads Infrastructure. In a number  of issues this subordination is  done through the Civil Aviation Administration, the National Supervisory Authority.  Nowadays the number of employees is 313 people.

The mission is to provide to customers a flexible and efficient use of the airspace in full compliance with safety requirements set up by ICAO, EUROCONTROL and national safety regulations.