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Our Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vision

NAV CANADA's vision is to be the world's most respected ANS:

  • in the eyes of the public for our safety record;

  • in the eyes of our customers for our fee levels, customer service, efficiency and modern technology; and

  • in the eyes of our employees for establishing a motivating and satisfying workplace with competitive compensation and challenging career opportunities.

Our Mission

To be a world leader in the provision of safe, efficient and cost effective air navigation services on a sustainable basis while providing a professional and fulfilling work environment for our employees.

Our Overarching Objectives

The Company will achieve its Mission by: 

    1. Maintaining a safety record in the top decile of major ANSPs worldwide; 


    1. Maintaining ANS customer service charges, on average, in the bottom quartile (lowest charges) of major ANSPs worldwide by ensuring that the growth in costs of providing air navigation services does not exceed the growth in revenues, thereby resulting in a decline in customer service charges over the long term; 


    1. Implementing and maintaining a modern, cost-efficient ANS technology platform in the top quartile of major ANSPs worldwide; 


    1. Providing value to our customers by assisting in improving operational efficiency through innovative uses of technology and delivery of service, domestically and internationally; 


    1. Continuously striving to create a work environment which places NAV CANADA amongst the best employers in Canada; 


  1. Identifying and, where feasible, introducing measurable benefits which contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint of the aviation industry.  

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