OFNAC - Haiti

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11 Boulevard Toussaint Louverture,

Port-Au-Prince , B.P. 1349



Tel +509 29 10 2229

Fax +509 29 10 2229


Association information

The National Office of Civil Aviation, created by the decree of 29 September 1980, is an autonomous body with legal and civil personality, enjoying all the rights and prerogatives deriving from this quality. 

The National Office of Civil Aviation (OFNAC) is the state body in charge of the organization and regulation of air transport in Haiti. 

Mission of the National Office of Civil Aviation (OFNAC) 

• Determine the conditions under which air transport must take place in Haiti. 
• Ensure the application of standards prescribed by international air transport legislation and conventions. 
• Organize aircraft search and rescue operations.
• Participate both nationally and internationally in the negotiations for the protection and development of Civil Aviation.