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Our VISION is to be a continually developing enterprise, assuring the safety and quality of services provided to the airspace users, acting effectively within the European Air Traffic Management Network and gaining more and more confidence of all its partners in aviation and business.  

Our MISSION is to provide safe and high-quality air navigation services to all users of the airspace of the Republic of Lithuania and the airspace delegated thereto.


- Professional expertise,

- Sense of responsibility,

- Collaboration,

- Teamwork,

- Reliability,

- Innovations,

- Quality,

- Performance continuity.

Our STRATEGIC priorities:

-  To operate in conformity with the Lithuanian Republic and international legislation, standards and recommended practices, planning documents of international organisations and contribute to the development thereof1;

- To enhance visibility of Lithuania and SE Oro navigacija in the international arena:  take an active part in international organisations and associations, implement effectively provisions of  the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) and  the Single European Sky concept;

- To invest reasonably into the equipment upgrading, human resource development, optimization of procedures and processes in order to assure the highest level of quality and safety of service provision;

- To operate according to advanced organisational and business models providing high-level of social and technological innovation;

- To further develop the Baltic FAB;

- To participate in commercial projects, scientific/industrial research, and etc.

- Through real-life interaction and computer mediated communications, to communicate with the airspace users in order to identify and follow their needs as well as criteria for choosing between air navigation service providers.