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Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration -ROMATSA - is a legal person, based on economic administration and financial autonomy, performing the specific functions in connection with the Air Traffic Management and it is placed under the authority of the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Tourism.

It was established by the Government Decision 74 / 1991, Amended and completed by the Government Decision 731 / 1992.

ROMATSA, is holder of the statute of an autonomous administration, of national importance, self-financed, that is the achievement of its activity object and of the investment and development program is not based on financial support from the state budget .This administration is also holder of the natural monopoly on the air traffic services. In performing the air traffic services provided to the civil aircraft overflying the Romanian airspace , the Autonomous Administration ROMATSA applies the regulations of the EUROCONTROL ( European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation ) , which Romania joined in 1996.

The air traffic services are provided to the civil aircraft overflying the national airspace or landing at / taking off from the airports in Romania.

These provided services mean the terminal air traffic control, that is performed in the terminal and aerodrome control areas and the en-route air traffic control, performed by ACC.

ROMATSA task is to create a safe operational environment for the air traffic in the Romanian airspace, on the background of the dynamical development of the civil aviation industry and of the permanent changes occurring in the international transport.

Romatsa In accordance with the legal regulations and the international standards, R.A. ROMATSA :

• Manages the Romanian airspace allotted to the civil aviation ;

• Provides the necessary technical facilities ;

• Provides air navigation services for the users of the Romanian airspace ;

• Organizes and provides the aeronautical and meteorological information ;

• Organizes and provides the aeronautical telecommunication services ;

• Achieves the civil - military co-operation and the flexible use of the airspace.


The activity of ROMATSA has to be performed facing the challenges :

• Forecasted increase of the air traffic ;

• Necessity of maintaining the peak level of safety ;

• Cost reduction , and

• Compliance to the regulations concerning the environment protection.