SCAA - Seychelles

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PO Box: 181




Tel +248 4384 039

Fax +248 4384 032

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An Indian Ocean Gateway above and beyond Africa


Initiating and implementing government policies and objectives within the mandate of the business

Regulating and promoting the development of regular, safe and economic air transport to, from and within the Seychelles

Developing Seychelles airports by providing the infrastructure, services and customer experience to be a competitive crossroad for international trade and tourism

Ensuring that people are developed and utilised to the maximum of their potential

Being environmentally responsible in our practices and operation

Producing a fair return on investment for all stakeholders 

Value Statement

We put the interest of Seychelles and its people first

We protect our environment and heritage

We operate a safe and healthy working environment

The customer is the reason for our existence

Absolute integrity in dealing with everyone

We are transparent in everything we do

We treat everyone fairly and equally

People are our greatest asset to the extent that:

  • We value diversity
  • We respect the integrity of people
  • We fully develop and utilise the abilities of people
  • We provide equal opportunity for everyone
  • We encourage resourcefulness and innovation

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