SCAMA - Somalia

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Aden Adde International Airport




Tel +252 618 320 222

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Somali Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (SCAMA) is a public sector autonomous body working under the Federal Government of Somalia through Minister in charge of Aviation. 

The purpose of establishing CAA is to provide for the promotion and regulations of Civil Aviation activities and to develop an infrastructure for safe, efficient, adequate, economical and properly coordinated Civil Air Transport Service in Somalia.

CAA not only plays the role of the aviation regulator of the country but at the same time performs the service provider functions of Air Navigation Services and Airport Services. The core functions of CAA are therefore, ‘Regulatory’, ‘Air Navigation Services’ and ‘Airport Services’. These core functions are fully supported by various corporate functions of the organization. The Headquarters of CAA is located at Mogadishu Aden Abdulle International Airport.

To create a safe and secure aviation environment in accordance with the most rigorous international safety standards, and build a modern airports system that offers consistently exceptional, state-of-the-art service.

To develop the air transport industry in accordance with the latest international standards, strengthen the position of the Federal Republic of Somalia as a globally influential player in civil aviation, achieve financial growth and sustainability, and enforce the relevant rules, regulations and procedures to ensure air transport safety and security.

 SCAMA Objectives

  • To develop financial resources for SCAMA and operate in accordance with commercial considerations in order to achieve financial independence;
  • To promote investment opportunities in the air transport sector;
  • To provide optimal service to travelers in accordance with high international standards;
  • To develop, construct, manage and operate the infrastructure for the air transport sector through the use of state-of-the-art technologies and systems;
  • To establish procedures and practices to ensure a safe and secure air transportation environment;
  • To develop effective air transport operations and maintenance measures in line with latest international standards;
  • To achieve optimal utilization of human resources and ensure maximum employee satisfaction by facilitating safe and comfortable working environments;
  • To strengthen regional and international cooperation and ensure active participation of the Federal Republic of Somalia in decision-making processes in the air transport industry;
  • To protect the environment by limiting the negative impact of air transportation;
  • To develop the air transport sector in accordance with the latest international practices;
  • To develop and transform strategic business units and activities into viable, independent business entities;

SCAMA Key Messages

  • SCAMA is a leading contributor to Somalia’s economic diversification efforts;
  • SCAMA is transforming Somalia’s aviation sector profitability and performance through privatization;
  • SCAMA adopts and deploys the best ICT solutions to ensure aviation safety and air traffic regularity;
  • SCAMA establishes and implements Somalia’s civil aviation policies and protocols;
  • SCAMA ensures performance excellence by Somalia’s civil aviation industry;