SMATSA - Serbia & Montenegro

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Trg Nikole Pasica 10

Belgrade , 11000



Tel +381 11 321 81 23

Fax +381 11 324 04 56

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Provision of high quality air navigation services (in ATM, CNS, MET, AIS domain) to civil and military aircraft, in order to maintain and enhance safe, orderly, and expeditious air traffic within the airspace of the FIR/UIR Beograd and the airspace of other countries, under bilateral state agreements, as well as provision of training of air navigation service provider personnel, flight training, flight inspection services and aircraft maintenance services.



We aspire to be the leading air navigation service provider in the region: well-established ATC Officers, ANSP CNS personnel and aeronautical MET personnel training center, as well as recognised flight training and aircraft maintenance center, in addition to being a reliable flight calibration service provider. We are aiming to be a preferable partner among the service users and other business associates.



Accomplishment of our mission and our vision is possible only through a long-term sustainability of our successful operation based on the commitment of all our employees to the following values:

  • We provide a safe and reliable service,
  • We keep up with new technologies and innovations,
  • We insist on the quality of the services provided,
  • We pay close attention to the requirements of all our service users,
  • We are dedicated to promotion of cooperation with other service providers within the region and outside of it,
  • We offer equal employment opportunities and a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees,
  • We appreciate knowledge, experience and commitment of the employees,
  • We are committed to the environmental protection,

We are a socially responsible organization.