Supreme Civil Aviation Authority - Austria

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Radetzkystraße 2

Vienna , A-1030



Tel +43 171 162 650

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The Supreme Civil Aviation Authority is part of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) and acts as higher and partly as oversight authority for further aviation authorities (like Austro Control, Aero Club, Federal Provinces and districts).

Main task of the Supreme Civil Aviation Authority are the regulation of the legislative basis on national level, the representation of Austria at the EU and at international organizations as well as the negotiation of bilateral aviation agreements.

Based on the effective legal provisions aviation regulatory permissions, e.g. commercial transport, aerodromes, air navigation service providers and aerodrome fees are granted.

Furthermore the Supreme Civil Aviation Authority executes oversight of organizations, especially aerodromes, aerospace companies, air navigation service and providers as well as quality control in the sense of safety in aviation.

The Supreme Civil Aviation Authority comprises the following divisions

  • Staff Section, Safety Management and Air Traffic Control
  • IV/L1, Strategy and International Affairs
  • IV/L2, Aviation Law
  • IV/L3, Aviation Infrastructure