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Finnish Aviation Safety Programme, FASP

Finnish Aviation Safety Programme (FASP) is the national-level description of our aviation safety management system. It incorporates aviation safety policy and a top-level description of the legislative background, processes and measures.

Finnish aviation safety policy

As Finland’s civil aviation authority, Trafi has set safety as the principal objective in aviation. Trafi strives to maintain a high level of aviation safety and to maintain a balance between safety, economy, traffic flow and environmental friendliness. Trafi considers it particularly important that citizens retain a high level of confidence in the air transport system. Trafi supports and facilitates the trial and introduction of new technologies and operating models, with a view to their safe integration into the aviation system and third parties.

The safety standards and procedures observed in Finnish aviation comply with ICAO standards and EU requirements. Trafi is committed to defining an Acceptable Level of Safety and an Acceptable Level of Safety Performance for Finnish aviation, taking into account local circumstances and identified key risks in the risk profile of Finnish aviation.

The cornerstones of Finnish aviation safety are continuous development of safety management and of a good safety culture, performance and risk based operations management and operator responsibility for the safety of their own operations. Trafi oversees and promotes all of the above.

Trafi is committed to maintaining and developing the national safety programme and to ensuring that resources and expertise commensurate with the duties of the aviation authorities are available. Continuous training and international cooperation support this.