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From now up to 2030, Viet Nam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) will become one of the leading ANSPs in the South-East Asia region in both criteria of ATC capabilities and services quality with reliable safety management system and modern technology and advanced ATM solutions. The total income of VATM staff and its contribution to the State budget has been increased with the growth rates of next year higher than that of the previous years.

Executive Flight Services (Air traffic control service)

Executive Flight Services (Air traffic control service) is a service provided for the purpose of preventing collisions between aircraft or between aircraft and obstructions, while organized and sustained flow Air traffic and effective conditioning.

Executive Flight Services is a key service segment of air traffic sector. It is provided by the facility operator undertook flying in different parts of the air traffic control system, including ground control unit (GCU), the airport control tower (TWR), establishments access control (APP), long-distance control center (ACC). This system is classified by the main control area including ground control, control at airports, controlling access and control long distance, closely supported in their work and incorporates provisions closed under the operator during a flight from the aircraft rolled off the runway, takeoff, flight, landing and rolled into berths.