Air Traffic Management - Principles, Performance, Markets

Marina Efthymiou
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This book addresses each of the Air Navigation Services' five broad categories of services provided to air traffic during all phases of operation: air traffic management (ATM), communication, navigation and surveillance services (CNS), meteorological services for air navigation (MET), aeronautical information services (AIS) and search and rescue (SAR).

This book is designed for working professionals in Air Transport Management, but also undergraduate and postgraduate students studying air transport management and aeronautical engineering. It will also be very helpful for the training of air traffic control officers (ATCOs). The book does not require any prior (specialist) knowledge as it is an introduction to air navigation service provider (ANSP) business. There is very little literature available that gives a detailed appreciation of the complexities, potential risks and issues associated with the provision of air navigation services. The role of this book is to fill this significant gap with a comprehensive, in-depth study of the management principles related to ANSPs. This is particularly timely given recent ATC developments in Europe, USA and New Zealand. Airlines and airports rely on the ANSPs for the management of air traffic. Hence, air navigation services (ANS) provision is considered as a core element for air transportation.

'This textbook on air traffic management should be required reading for anyone involved in the management or regulation of this key part of the air transport ecosystem. All the key issues of supplying sufficient capacity, limiting environmental damage and the appropriate charging of users are addressed by experts in their field. For me the most important chapters are those at the end, dealing with reform and what future airspace management could deliver.'


Brian PearceFormer-Chief Economist at IATA

'This textbook provides thorough inside in the current world of global ATM. The history, the future and the complexity of air navigation service provisions are well described and offer the reader a good understanding of challenges of air traffic management.'

Marc BaumgartnerIFATCA SESAR/EASA Coordinator

'This book is an ambitious attempt to draw together the evolution and current performance of the hidden backbone of aviation, one of our truly global industries. Air traffic management is an under researched area of human activity and this book does much to fill that gap.'

David McMillanChair, ATM Policy Institute

'The publication of this textbook could not come at a better time. In 2023, the aviation community is facing unprecedented challenges, which are also rich of opportunities. Transformations are needed and on their way. I expect this book to be a thought-provoking and useful tool for both ATM professionals and students.'

Kjartan BriemCEO of ISAVIA ANS, Iceland.