Airport Slots

Achim I. Czerny Peter Forsyth David Gillen Hans-Martin Niemeier
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International Experiences and Options for Reform

Airport Slots is an excellently put together book from the Ashgate Aviation portfolio. With 20 experts contributions this book is a complete and up to date guide to the business of slot allocation. Part A : The current Slot allocation system Part B : Congestion, Slots and prices Part C : Airline Strategies and competition Part D : International Experiences Part E : Auctions and Alternatives Part F : Reforming the slots system The 432 page book is very well indexed with a appendix which gives a useful overview to different characterstic of slot co-ordinated airports worldwide. Sleeve Review: "This book is imbued with the very best expertise on air traffic and airport slots, offering both micro- and macroeconomic approaches. It is a 'must-read' for everyone involved in slot allocation, aviation industry and transportation science." Thomas Immelmann, Commercial Director, Hamburg Airport.