Eurocontrol and IFATCA

Eurocontrol and IFATCA
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David McMillan, Patrik Peters, Jacques Barrot, Yvan Ouellette, Simon Michell. Anne Paylor, Brendan Gallagher, Jill Taylor, Dr David Baker, David Learmount, Julian Moxon, Ian Goold, Martial Tardy, Edward Downs, Jeff Apter, Pierre Tan, Andrew Beadle, Mark Pilling, Grant McDonald.


A Collaborative Approach to the Future

Improving safety across Europe: a collaborative approach With air traffic in Europe set to increase steadily every year and reaching 18 million flights per year by 2020, more needs to be done to enhance the safety of the air traffic management system. Measuring safety performance and identifying where the gaps are in the system is central to improving safety. EUROCONTROL is working on developing a Just Culture which will allow the systematic collection of incident data across Europe. As a concrete example of this, for the first time, EUROCONTROL has put in place a report that analyses incidents across Europe, identifying why they occur. Working in a Just Culture requires a change of mentality How does Just Culture actually manifest itself in the control room and what are the difficulties in adopting the concept? Air traffic management systems are expected to be human-centred for the foreseeable future. What role will people play in the achievement of system safety enhancements in the long term? Human involvement and commitment are key to supporting changes to the future ATM system safely and efficiently. What are EUROCONTROL and IFATCA doing in this respect?