Fundamentals of Ground Radar

SciTech Publishing Inc
Ronald Bouwman
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For Air Traffic Control Engineers and Technicians (Hardcover)

This is a newly revised edition, and it is a significant expansion and improvement to the previously self-published first edition. Many of the first-edition illustrations have been improved upon, and many new illustrations have been added to support new text material. The first edition was self-published and copyrighted in 1996 by the author. Several latter-day technology developments since then have been incorporated. Although no chapter was untouched, the most extensive changes were to the chapters on radar science, secondary radar (aka "beacon") systems, and radar displays. The appendices have been significantly expanded.It is anticipated that many readers will go directly to a chapter of interest, rather than read the text in the order of chapter progression. The annotated glossary provides such a reader with a convenient route to necessary expansions on unfamiliar terms or other information. The glossary provides both definitions and references to additional material in the text. In some cases, definitions or explanations necessary to some readers, but not within the scope of the text, are included in the glossary.This title offers historical backgrounds for many subjects to assist the reader in recognizing the experience and reasoning behind current technology. There is attention to mti and Doppler theory throughout the text, since the theory of operation of mti involves the entire system. Bountiful annotated glossary contains illustrations, definitions, and page references to text. It features average of nearly one illustration per page. Equations contain "legends" to define terms for reader convenience. About the Author Ronald D. Bouwman has amassed 51 years of experience in radar systems. He began his career in air traffic control radar in the United States Air Force as a ground control approach radar repairman. He continued in the field, holding various positions including picket-ship electronics technician on the Atlantic Missile Range, Titan I Missile System ground electronics installation technician, FAA radar technician, senior publications engineer at ITT Gilfillan, FAA technician and technical expert, FAA Academy radar instructor, FAA field office manager, and FAA Academy contract instructor. Ronald has maintained a variety of interests throughout his life, including artistic work, writing, and mechanical and electrical device technology.