This new aeronautical billing system may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for

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Within days of starting my new career at Adacel, I quickly learned about one of the company’s new products—Aerobooks—which was about to be unveiled at World ATM Congress in Madrid, Spain.

Upon listening to some team members enthusiastically describe the product to me—and they were quite excited about it—one thing immediately came to my mind: “These aviation operators have a choice now. A choice of a very affordable aeronautical billing system with an unprecedented user experience.”

1. Affordability: This very affordable solution opens a whole new world of opportunities for revenue management for smaller operators, including Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), airports and airlines. Now, these entities are no longer stuck with choosing between several cost-excessive options. They truly have a new choice now.

2. User experience: Aerobooks takes the user experience to a whole new level. For starters, this secure, cloud-based solution features a modern layout that is mobile friendly and looks like a typical mobile app: intuitive navigation, nice graphical user interface, quick access to important information.

And beyond that, it delivers the functionalities expected of an aeronautical billing system. Operators can capture all the pertinent data needed for their invoicing and collection without the strenuous manual processes prone to mistakes and delays. Real time emails and dashboards notifications make it effortless to track activity and prioritize tasks. For financial reporting and audit purposes, airspace usage, traffic volumes, economic values and more, data is always available and can be viewed in tables or graphs. For your convenience, the data can also be downloaded in Excel, HTML, CSV or PDF.

Agility and simplicity are two other advantages operators can enjoy now. Aerobooks requires no heavy IT implementation and is highly scalable. This modern billing system makes the process of invoicing and collection easier, ensuring the electronic bills are fully compliant with the Eurocontrol Central Route Charges Office (CRCO) and IATA collection service. By delivering advanced data gathering capability, Aerobooks eliminates some major issues CAA and ANSPs faced over the years, such as their ability to apply accurate aircraft MTOWs for each invoice. Now air operators can easily validate and pay their bills.

With higher data gathering accuracy, you greatly reduce or eliminate the number of rejected invoices. Plus, you free yourself from the hassle of pursuing air operators for payments. Instead, with less disputes and follow-ups, you can now focus on building a better relationship with them.

When using cloud-based Aerobooks you are always up-to-date with automatic updates, secure with data hosted and backed up on safe cloud platforms and have access from anywhere in the world where you have internet connection.

If you are looking for a new choice in aeronautical billing, please contact us at Consider all your available options to ensure you and your company get the most value of your new aeronautical billing system.