ASR-NG® : Future Proof Technology for Safe Skies

CassidianWithout a doubt  technology has changed tremendously over the years, and as a consequence, customer  requirements have become more and more demanding. In addition, competitors entered the market with new radar concepts with the main purpose of fulfilling the needs of the users. As near-miss incidents frequently occur in today's busy aerospace, state-of-the-art Air Traffic Control Radars have to deliver an outstanding exposure and protection from potential threats to the smallest aircraft such as ultra light gliders as well as the largest passenger aircraft.

Nowadays the airspace is  divided between civil and military users, general aviation traffic as well as  leisure time flights. In the challenge to meet  all detection performance and safety requirements, one needs  to provide more powerful surveillance sensor solutions.

Having the ASR-S (Airport Surveillance Radar) as its predecessor, the ASR-NG® takes a step further in terms of technological advances and extreme sensitivity capabilities, thus making an important  contribution  to the efficient use of airspace.


From acquisition to life support: Maximum performance, reliability & longevity

With the aim of fulfilling both civil and military needs, Cassidian's product philosophy is targeted towards cost effectiveness, reliability and last but not least, user satisfaction for airspace safety. Our goal  is to connect and build strong relationships with our customers by offering them  excellent services and successful  execution of projects.

Above it all,  the ASR-NG® system offered by Cassidian  is one of a kind , reliable, affordable  and least but not least high performance ATC radar. In addition to incorporating one of the only AIMS 03-1000A certified secondary surveillance radars available, its algorithms, methods of signal processing and subclutter visibility result in extremely reliable detection and tracking performance under the most challenging weather conditions, over heavy clutter including wind farms, and against the smallest targets including UAVs, gliders, and ultra light planes.   

Our product  has been specified, designed and developed  in order to meet  the highest international safety  standards and requirements.  

The system is certified by the German authorities to be compliant with RTCA DO-278, ED 109 AL4, EATMP SWAL3, IEC 61508 SIL2 and hence guarantees inherent functional safety.


ASR-NG® : Facing the Challenge

 The ASR – NG®  unique features include:

  • the ability to recognize   the smallest   objects as well as the biggest ones  with  full detection performance (15rpm, RCS 1m², 90% Pd, 80NM).
  • outstanding Azimuth Accuracy of

  • outstanding Range Accuracy of
  • proven wind farm clutter resistance

  • proven 4G/LTE interference and intermodulation resistance
  • exceptional  no-blind speed coverage from 0 to  1,200 knots and 16x MTD Filter processing
  • a proven extraordinary sub clutter visibility of ≥ 60dB
  • a calibrated six – level weather detection capability
  • a particular attribute of  classifying bird migrations, allowing  controllers to warn pilots of potential dangers in time
  • built-in operational safety design

  • integrated multi sensor tracker merging external and local radar data
  • integrated Electronic flight strip system with possible external interface
  • integrated Cassidian SSR based on the successful MSSR 2000 I interrogator
  • lowest-life cycle costs, long-term sustainability

Experience throughout time  & Delivery of excellent services

•      Cassidian has been the centre of excellence for radar technology within Germany for more than 50 years.

•      Cassidian along with  its heritage companies Telefunken and Siemens Defence have installed troughout time  several hundred military X, C, S and L Band radars as well as ATC radars at installations around the world.

•      Cassidian  is in the process of delivery of   22 ASR-S systems to the German Air Force and 5 systems to the Swiss Military

•      The ASR Tracker performance is  considered, from the German customer's perspective, as " best of the world"

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