COVID-19 Effects on ATC Training

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By Chris Wade ATC Network.

We are in an unprecedented time for the aviation industry which is bringing many challenges to all aspects of the industry. But for this edition of the ‘special bulletin’ I wanted to focus on how training is being effected in ATC. Not only in recruitment and training of new ab initio controllers but also how to maintain competencies for licensed controllers during a time of low traffic activity.

In July and August we sent out a questionnaire to ANSPs and training organisations worldwide and we have received many responses. The rest of this article will feature these answers as to how organisations have dealt with the exceptional challenges they have faced. I would like to personally thank all that took part in the questionnaire. The order of the answers has no significance other than the order we received them in.

Read the complete article here: Training & Simulation Special Bulletin 2020 pages 22-29