Post COVID-19 fatigue and stress management for ATCOS

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By Fabrice Drogoul and Philippe Cabon

The COVID period has already had and is continuing to have a huge impact on air traffic controllers’ (ATCOs’) professional and private life, on the professional side with many of them working fewer hours owing to drastic flight reductions. At a personal level, COVID-19 is a major threat to ATCOs’ health and well-being.

In this context, fatigue is not necessarily a problem, which springs to mind. However, the ATM work organisation is already affecting well-being and psychological health: shift work produces circadian disruption, sleep deprivation and stress. These three factors have known effects on immunity (Lammersvan der Holst, 2020) and may reduce the ability of ATCOs to fight off infectious diseases. COVID-19 also has a direct impact on fatigue: chronic fatigue has been reported as an after-effect on patients with even mild symptoms of COVID-19 (Islam et al, 2020).

Read the Full article here: Training & Simulation Special Bulletin 2020 pages 12-13