Effective Electronic Air Traffic Management with Wacom PL interactive pen display

ATC Partners of Wacom have developed sophisticated software over the last few years to help breach the gap from traditional paper-based air traffic management to an integrated digital system. Because handling electronic flight strips on the Cintiq Interactive Pen Displays by Wacom offers such seamless transition, they have become a standard for controllers around the world.

Global software providers such as ATRiCS, Avibit, Frequentis and Saab, who have been working successfully in the market for years, trust Wacom technology,recommending Cintiqs as their favourite input device for Air Traffic Controllers. The reasons for this industry to choose Wacom's Cintiq interactive pen displays are clear: high quality, outstanding service, easy handling and superior precision.

At this year's ATC Global 2012 the leading event of the industry which took place in Amsterdam, Wacom products were being showcased at almost every booth. The video shows how convincing the solutions are which are being developed by Wacoms ATC partners.