EIZO – A Full Spectrum of High-End Visual Display Solutions

 EIZOIn ATC environments, the diverse requirements of towers, control centers, and training facilities call for display solutions with various feature sets, support for current and legacy systems, and above all, reliable operation year after year. With the most extensive lineup in the industry, our display solutions fulfill the shared and individual requirements of almost any ATC environment. EIZO products are installed in ATC facilities worldwide including many operated by EUROCONTROL, HungaroControl, DFS (Deutsche Flugsichernung GmbH), LFV (LuftfartsverketSQ2804) and Finavia.

2K x 2K and 4K x 2K Primary Control Monitors

The Raptor SQ2804 and SQ2814 are two advanced 2K × 2K primary control monitors for air traffic control. Featuring EIZO eBlue LED backlight technology, the monitors offer outstanding image quality, low energy consumption, and a long lifetime. Both monitors employ EIZO eBlue LED backlight technology, consuming just 120 watts at their maximum brightness of 350 cd/m2, only 60 watts in typical operating conditions of ATC control centers, and a mere 5 watts in standby mode. These low power requirements reduce heat generation within closed consoles; a leading cause of product failure. In addition, the EIZO eBlue LED backlight has a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours for at least 11 years of continuous operation.

Addressing the trend towards open controller positions, EIZO has reduced the SQ2814 monitor weight to just 18 kg, greatly minimizing stress on mounting arms. The light, compact design of the SQ2814 makes the monitor extremely space-efficient with a height and width of 605 mm each and a depth of only 110.7 mmFDH3601. Both monitors’ ergonomically designed stands also offer tilt and swivel capability.

EIZO designed the Raptor SQ2804 and SQ2814 to be customizable depending on individual control center requirements. Customization may include, but is not limited to, cabinet color, fan-less solutions, DisplayPort input, multiple video signal interfaces, inclusion of secondary power supplies, multiple protection/reflection glasses, mounting solutions, and communication interfaces. Two dual-link digital video signal inputs are included as standard. Additionally, single or dual analog video signal inputs are available as needed to maintain the monitors as drop-in replacements for the Sony DDM CRT. 

EIZO also offers the DuraVision FDH 3601, a 4K x 2K (4096 x 2160 native resolution) monitor with a 36.4-inch screen.The DuraVision FDH3601 displays a high volume of information and has a wide dimming range from 30 cd/m2 up to 700 cd/m2. It includes two dual-link DVI-D and two DisplayPort inputs for multiple connectivity support.

Re/Vue Mini Video and Audio Recorder

At less than 15 cm wide, the Re/Vue Mini DVI-based video and audio recorder offers a compact, space-saving design. The Re/Vue Mini's lossless video recording with synchronized audio guarantees that playback data quality will be identical to the original source data. Even at a resolution of 2048 × 2048, the Re/Vue Mini can record a full 60 fps. It can securely stream a live recording in near real time to any system on the network with the Re/Vue playback utility installed, using minimal network bandwidth.Re/Vue Mini

The Re/Vue Mini's playback utility supports playback on any Linux- or Windows-based system. The playback utility offers enhanced features such as pan and zoom that can be used to help compensate for resolution differences. This is particularly useful if playback is at a lower resolution than the original recording.

Until now, lossless recording of ATC video created a huge amount of data. Depending on configuration parameters and video data type, the Re/Vue Mini delivers lossless recording with extremely high compression ratios of 8,000:1 to 20,000:1 for typical ATC data. Whereas, traditional video recorders typically only offer a compression ratio of up to 300:1, the Re/Vue Mini's compression efficiency significantly minimizes data storage.

Positioned between the computer's graphics board and the controller's monitor, the Re/Vue Mini captures the video screen without modifying the signal. If power is ever lost to the Re/Vue Mini, fail-safe video bypass ensures the controller's screen will continue to receive video. This eliminates the need for an external active DVI splitter.

High-Bright Monitors, Auxiliary Monitors, and Graphics BoardsRP20

EIZO’s extensive range of high-bright and auxiliary monitors are equipped for use in various ambient light conditions, provide digital and analog signal support, and deliver reliable operation year after year to fulfill the requirements of various ATC environments. They are designed, manufactured, and quality-control tested by EIZO in Germany and Japan, and backed by a deep commitment to service and support.

The Raptor RP20 and RP19 high-bright tower monitors are designed specifically for towers. These monitors offer excellent readability of text and images in both bright and dim ambient lighting conditions and are available in a wide array of customization options.Raptor 4000-LR/4000e-LR

EIZO’s FlexScan Series of auxiliary monitors is comprised of more than 15 LCD monitors to offer an extensive range of products for towers, control centers, and training centers. Most come with both analog and digital inputs, high contrast ratios, and fast response times. They also have ergonomic and energy-saving features like a height adjustable stand and an ambient light sensor that automatically optimizes the screen brightness.

EIZO primary control graphics boards were developed to meet the specific requirements of ATC imaging. The Raptor 4000 series supports legacy UNIX and Linux platforms and applications that require the use of overlays. The Raptor 5000 series supports OpenGL 3.3 and DirectX 10.1 for Linux (x86) and Windows platforms where cost is a driving factor. All models have a passive heat sink cooling system for more reliable performance and long-term availability of five years or more. Typical power consumption is less than 25 watts and 40 watts for the Raptor 4000 and 5000 series respectively. This is much lower than typical graphics cards for less burden on cooling systems and greater power savings.