FREQUENTIS VCS 3020X Release 6.0

Frequentis VCS 3020X Release 6.0 has been made available as of June 2008. EUROCAE expertise allows Frequentis to stay on its IP-migration path and increase the usability of the extended advantages IP-technology yields today.

The latest release, release 6.0, of the Frequentis voice communication system VCS 3020X is available since June 2008. Frequentis stays on the IP-migration path and renders the advantages of IP-technology more practical. Frequentis is one of the leading members of the working group 67, which EUROCAE initiated. The group defines and specifies standards regarding IP-connectivity of communication systems in air traffic control. This type of valuable experience has gone into the development of the VCS 3020X Release 6.0 and has become part of the product.
The Frequentis VCS 3020X Release 6.0 is of extraordinarily high product quality and responds to individual customer requirements. It represents a milestone in the improvement of IP-technology usability, such as:
  • Fully integrated IP-gateways for the connection of radios or IP-telephones; allows connecting any commercially available ATC-radio via any medium to the overall solution.
  • Unique functions, like the advanced role handling or the integrated emergency menu, enable operators to work even more efficiently.
  • A completely new operator position, the iPOSTM, impresses with its new design and state-of-the-art architecture; it enables new functions such as the integration of CCTV-pictures or other Frequentis products of the successful TAPtools-family.
  • The step-by-step implementation of IP-components reassures the customer that it is always possible to extend the existing system by tried-and-tested COTS-modules and that it is possible to use the most suited technology for any application.
  • Comprehensive load tests on a reference system with 150 iPOS-operator positions - in approximately 42 hours 1,047,856 successful test calls were made (100 % passed) confirmed the quality of the new system in an impressive manner.
Hannes Bardach, CEO of Frequentis AG comments the new product release: "We at Frequentis consider it a challenge to harmonise current customer requirements - especially regarding truly efficient operations - with state-of-the-art technological possibilities. The new Release 6.0 of the successfull VCS 3020X-series allows Frequentis once again to set quality standards in the market. The new release stands witness to our continued technological leadership."