IP Voice Communication Systems for Air Traffic Control

Founded in 1990 TOPEX is a European manufacturer developing, integrating telecom solutions and distributing telecom equipments to foreign markets, offering answers that meet telecom network requirements of companies across the globe. Created and staffed with R&D engineers with backgrounds in telecommunications, the company started with PBX products & associated services, being recognized at present as a VoIP and NGN solution provider.
cwpillustrationMain features:
  • Powerful and dynamic configuration possibilities
  • Configurable graphical elements:
    • windows
    • widgets
    • buttons
  • Short-term recording for all the conversations passed through the CWP
  • Configurable buttons for special functions
  • DA and IA capability
  • Status indication for DA keys
  • Multi monitor capability
  • Skin enable graphical mode
  • Separate radio, telephone and intercom sections
  • Transparency function
  • Video monitoring
  • VESA standard available
  • Complete set of accessories:
    • headset w/o PTT
    • handset
    • desk microphone
    • PTT foot-switch
    • loudspeakers
  • Multiple user/role-based profiles with access by user login
  • All CWPs and Users-roles configured from Management Server
  • Designed for IP transport of Radio communication in mission-critical applications
  • Perfect for migration of legacy TDM communication to IP infrastructure
  • Integrated Quality of Service mechanisms for IP network
  • Implements security and safety methods for air-traffic control and defense
  • Easy access to distributed radio-resources in spread radio sites
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Allows for efficient and scalable grow with remote radio sites
  • Support for all types of radio networks including analog(HF,VHF,UHF), TETRA, TETRAPOL
  • Designed for IP transport of G/G and A/G communication
  • Interconnects VCS sites with legacy interfaces
  • Easy migration of existing VCS to EUROCAE WG67 VOIP architecture
  • Cost effective solution decrease operational expenditures by using IP infrastructure
  • Protects your existing investment keep your existing VCS and Radio Stations while take advantage of enhancements of IP communication
  • Integrated Quality of Service mechanisms for voice networks
  • Respects ATC communications safety and security requirements
  • Reliable IP VCS solution suitable for TWR applications
  • Specially designed solution for tower environments fixed or mobile
  • Integrated radio, telephone and intercom interfaces
  • Full redundancy for all IP VCS components
  • Easy interconnection with external ATC sites through TOPEX gateways
  • Integration of TWR consoles design
  • Cost effective solution
  • Advanced IP based VCS solution for Area Control Center and Approach
  • Complete redundancy of the system based on main and stand-by IP VCS
  • Complete redundancy on each IP VCS system component
  • Easy interconnection with TWR and remote ATC sites
  • Ground to ground and ground to air communications
  • Designed for medium and high capacity ACC centers
  • Unlimited CWPs per IP VCS system (can be extended)
  • Fast upgrade and extension in terms of system interfaces
  • Seamless integration with other VCS systems
  • Advanced control and management capabilities
  • Cost effective solution tailored for customer specific needs
  • Multicast equipment which allows radar messages conversion and distribution to ARTAS servers
  • Civil and military radars interconnection
  • Input: Multicast IP/L2TP & Unicast IP/L2TP
  • Output: Multicast IP/UDP
  • Processing capacity for more than 50 streams of surveillance data
  • Advanced algorithms for avoiding duplicated messages
  • Order of arrival analysis for every surveillance data stream
  • SSL secured web console for remote monitoring
  • NTP time synchronization with external servers and internal crystal oscillator fallback
IP VCS System IP based VCS for ATM and dispatcher centers Distributed architecture Redundant and reliable VCS solution Non blocking architecture State of the art CWPs International standards compliance TOPEX IP VCS is an integrated Voice Communication System based on IP technology enabling ground / air / ground communications. Dedicated solution for command and control centers, IP VCS combines radio, telephone and intercom communications in a secured ATC system. Distributed architecture One of the main advantages of IP VCS system consists in the migration of the system intelligence from the system core to the end terminals. The core switching is represented by redundant Layer 3 switches/routers that connect all IP VCS system components. Redundant and reliable VCS solution TOPEX IP VCS is a fully redundant and reliable command and control system over QoS enabled IP networks. All the critical components of the system are redundant and also include redundant Ethernet connection interfaces. TOPEX system offers geographical redundancy allowing protection to both hardware failures as to IP-link or site failure. The IP VCS system is also available for 24/7 continuous operation without any communication disturbances. Non blocking architecture The system architecture is distributed and based on the non blocking concept eliminating the single points of failure from the legacy systems. The IP VCS system components are easy extendable to any location IP presence and is not limited by a hardware constraint in the central core. State of the art CWPs TOPEX IP CWP is designed and corresponds to the latest air traffic control demands meeting the highest and strictly ergonomic and reliability standards. All the interface structure is configurable and easy to use including windows, buttons or widgets adaptation. International standards compliance As a EUROCAE WG67 member since 2008, TOPEX developed its IP VCS solution based on WG67 ED standards covering the latest requirements on ATC industry. TOPEX has an active contribution on the development of WG67 standards having a direct approach on proposed and standardized features.
Touch Screen Controller Working Position based on state of the art technology composed from CPU unit including communication interfaces and touch screen monitor. Command and control communication panel designed for radio, telephone and intercom communications