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Via del Casale Cavallari

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IDS AirNav was acquired by the ENAV Group, the only Air Navigation Service Provider in the world listed on a Stock Exchange with 4,200 employees, in July 2019. IDS AirNav provides the world of Air Traffic Management and airports – more than 130 Customers within 5 Continents – with Commercial Off-the-Shelf software products and customized high – tech solutions aimed at supporting the transition from Aeronautical Information Services to Aeronautical Information Management in compliance with the ICAO and EUROCONTROL mandates for Aeronautical Data Quality.

IDS AirNav is an internationally recognized leader in the provision of solutions to ANSPs, airport authorities, aviation agencies, government and private entities which manage air traffic in both the civil and military markets.

IDS AirNav’s solutions, developed in close partnership with its customers, constantly updated to answer ever-changing and more stringent requirements, include a comprehensive ADQ compliant suite for Aeronautical Information Management, which covers the whole process from data collection to publication and an Air Traffic Flow Management and collaborative decision making system.

IDS AirNav is a market leader in the provision of a FPDAM suite for flight procedure design and validation, used by more than 60 customers worldwide as well as its own ICAO recognized team of procedure designers.

An international network of services and support teams provide local assistance for IDS AirNav solutions and its range of professional services. These include ICAO recognized flight procedure design services along with ground-based validation, flyability evaluations, risk assessments and mitigation recommendations. Amongst other tailored services, IDS AirNav provides CNS performance evaluation, NAVAID siting analysis and electromagnetic interference evaluation as well as terrain and obstacle acquisition and aeronautical chart design.


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Headquarters location Via del Casale Cavallari
Italy 00156

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