Homebriefing: safer flights for general aviation

HungaroControl’s new online application helps pilots prepare

- Budapest, Hungary.

HungaroControl Hungarian Air Navigation Service’s new, free-of-charge, web-based service offers general aviation pilots faster and simpler preparation for safe flights. The Homebriefing system helps pilots submit flight plans from wherever they may be for flights in the airspace below 2900 metres (9500 feet) to HungaroControl’s Flight Information Centre. The website collects the most important, regularly updated air navigation and meteorological information. Through the use of this system, flight safety and traffic flow control in the uncontrolled airspace can be improved, airspace infringements can be avoided and in the event of an accident the work of search and rescue services will become easier.

As the submission of flight plans is not obligatory for VFR (visual flight rules) flights in the uncontrolled airspace, currently only 60-70 percent of pilots make use of this opportunity. However, submitting flight plans facilitate communication between pilots and the staff of HungaroControl’s Flight Information Centre, and thus flight safety can be improved.

With the help of the Homebriefing system, pilots can prepare and submit their flight plans to the air navigation service provider. The system records previously submitted flight plans, which are retrievable and re-usable. Moreover, the regularly updated air traffic and meteorological information collected on the ais.hungarocontrol.hu website provides further help. This way the information flow between pilots and air traffic control becomes smoother, which in turn improves traffic flow control in Hungary’s uncontrolled airspace. Using this system facilitates the tracking down of aircraft in a state of emergency as well.

Following free registration, Homebriefing is easy to access from any device equipped with an Internet browser. From now on, this modern, easy-to-handle and user-friendly online interface will gradually replace the currently used but obsolete fax-and telephone-based system.

The Homebriefing system was developed by the engineers of Austrian company Frequentis AG on commission from HungaroControl in line with international trends and with the requirements specified in the Local Single Sky Implementation Programme (LSSIP) applicable in the member states of EUROCONTROL. The service is run by the technical staff of HungaroControl’s flight information centre.


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