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In addition to business success, HungaroControl’s corporate strategy aims to maintain independence over the long term. In response to the new competitive situation in the European air navigation industry, the company has moved to a complex strategy.

Our mission 

In the process of creating a single European airspace, HungaroControl is seeking opportunities and taking initiatives for development and cooperation between air navigation service providers and nations, and, relying on its expertise, it delivers genuine added value for Hungarian aviation and for European citizens.

Flight Safety

In HungaroControl’s operations, guaranteeing flight safety is an absolute priority over commercial, operational, environmental and social considerations. 

Accordingly, creating and maintaining a safe flow of air traffic is a fundamental strategic goal from both a professional and an ethical point of view. 

Responding to European Challenges 

The operation of the European aviation system remains determined by the “Single European Sky” programme, and its concept of Functional Airspace Blocks, which presses for improvements in service quality and efficiency while cutting costs through increased cooperation between air navigation service providers.

The Company’s strategic aim is to create efficient and market-driven bi- or multilateral collaborations offering added value, without institutional constraints and along the lines of shared interests. In order to promote the professional and business interests of Hungarian air traffic control and Hungarian aviation, HungaroControl intends to take an active part in shaping the international process.

Business strategy

In addition to maintaining independence, HungaroControl’s strategic objective is to uphold financial and business stability in the long run, in a manner compliant with the long-term performance targets set by the European Union. To this end, the Company expects its businesses to operate in a profitable way.

In the new business strategy the company has developed four main strategic business units built around the principal activities performed by HungaroControl. These business units include En-route Control, Terminal Control, Simulation and Training.

In the interest of improving HungaroControl’s competitiveness, considerable efforts are also made on the level of organisation. The company has identified three key functional areas that manage infrastructure critical for the activities of strategic business units, handle essential resources, and which have pivotal significance for the entire company. The key functional areas include: Technology, Human Resources and International Relations. 

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