SITA enables seamless data link service for Indonesian airspace

- Jakarta, Indonesia

Aircraft flying into Indonesian airspace will soon enjoy enhanced air-to-ground communications with a new seamless air-to-ground data link service from air transport communications specialist SITA.

Airline crews and controllers in the Jakarta Flight Information Region (FIR) will soon use the new technology, which replaces voice services, to exchange Air Traffic Control-related messages, including enroute services such as Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) and Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) services. With its data link service solution, SITA’s ADS-CPDLC workstation will enable easy and early implementation of such services. Air traffic controllers are currently undergoing internal operational procedures preparation and ATC operational training. An ADS/CPDLC operational trial will be the next phase.

FANS services ensure smoother controller-to-pilot communications, based on straightforward and standardized pre-formatted message elements and more reliable position-tracking of aircraft, which increases the safety and efficiency of air traffic operations.

Under terms of this end-to-end communications infrastructure agreement, SITA will also provide a dual redundant ADS-CPDLC ground workstation, a data link server and an ADS CPDLC test system to support Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS) service in the Jakarta FIR.

SITA’s service and systems support both long haul and short haul versions of CPDLC. Worldwide, long haul aircraft will use a FANS version of CPDLC in alignment with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) technical standards for the future of air traffic. Aircraft with FANS systems use the SITA network and gateway to communicate with FANS systems on the ground.

Short haul aircraft around the world will use the ICAO standard Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) version of CPDLC, which works over the VDL mode 2 protocol. These aircraft use the SITA VDL Mode 2 (VDLm2) ground stations, which are deployed in the majority of Europe to support the European Union’s Data Link Services Implementation Rule (DLS-IR), along with an ATN backbone service to exchange CPDLC data with ATC controllers. The new FANS system in the Jakarta FIR is capable of future upgrades to support CPDLC on ATN/VDLm2.

Katrina Korzenowski, Head of Aircraft Services, Asia Pacific, SITA said: “Over the last five years, the Indonesian domestic market for air travel has nearly doubled as airlines have expanded and low cost airlines have started up. With growth in Indonesia and throughout the Asia Pacific region, voice communication will become increasingly congested. That’s why the new data link services are so important. SITA remains committed to supporting ATC data link implementation worldwide and to delivering improved services to both our airlines and ANSPs.”

The Ujung Pandang FIR for Eastern Indonesia, has already deployed FANS using SITA services. SITA has provided similar data link services to several ANSPs in Asia Pacific region including Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Philippines, Australia and Fiji.


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