European Civil Aviation Conference

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Neuilly sur Seine Cedex

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3, bis Villa Emile Bergerat

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Founded in 1955 as an intergovernmental organisation, ECAC's objective is to promote the continued development of a safe, efficient and sustainable European air transport system. In so doing, ECAC seeks to: harmonise civil aviation policies and practices amongst its Member States promote understanding on policy matters between its Member States and other parts of the world. Its long-established expertise in aviation matters, its membership across Europe, its close liaison with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Council of Europe, its active co-operation with the institutions of the European Union, its special relationship with EUROCONTROL and the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), and its working relations with a wide circle of organisations representing all parts of the air transport industry, including consumer interests, allow ECAC to be a forum for discussion of every major civil aviation topic. ECAC has pragmatic and co-operative arrangements in place for consultation with other international organisations. For subjects on which work is being done in other organisations, ECAC's added value lies in its integrating policy on a wider geographical basis. ECAC regards itself as the representative voice of pan-European civil aviation. ECAC actively seeks and promotes arrangements, understandings and contacts with other regional organisations and States on a range of civil aviation issues of common interest. ECAC issues resolutions, recommendations and policy statements which are brought into effect by its Member States. Under its auspices, international agreements have been concluded. ECAC offers a forum for discussion and decision to European Ministers of Transport. The Conference conducts, at regular intervals, international symposia and seminars.

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