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Air traffic control is the core activity of LVNL. All other tasks of LVNL are also laid down in the Aviation Act.

These include modernisation and management of technological systems, providing aeronautical information and air traffic control training and providing aeronautical maps and publications. In short, LVNL is responsible for the management of the civil airspace and everything that this involves. We have done this since 1923, and since 1993 as an independent administrative body (ZBO).

As a ZBO, we provide air traffic control on the instructions of the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment. We account to the State Secretary for our performance and policy. We also work closely with other parties, including the Ministry of Defence, the manager of military airspace.

For civil air traffic control matters, LVNL is the link between the government and all other parties involved in air traffic control. We aim to design air traffic control as effectively as possible with all stakeholders, with a balance between safety, efficiency and the environment and with full attention to quality.

LVNL’s Quality and Safety Management System complies with the ISO 9001 standard.


Pursuant to the Aviation Act, LVNL is responsible for:

providing air traffic services within the Amsterdam flight information region;

providing communication, navigation and positioning services;

providing aeronautical information services and issuing aeronautical publications and maps;

providing or outsourcing air traffic control training;

advising the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Minister of Defence on air traffic control and air safety matters;

the performance of other tasks assigned by or pursuant to the Aviation Act.

 In principle, LVNL may outsource the tasks assigned to it to third parties. LVNL may also perform such work for other parties, including outside the Netherlands, if necessary.


The Airport Traffic Decree, a General Administrative Order based on the Aviation Act, lays down rules for the use of flight routes and runways with which LVNL must comply. The same decree also establishes responsibility for compliance with the limit values for noise, external safety and local air pollution. Handling air traffic within these limit values is a shared responsibility of LVNL, the airlines and the operator of Schiphol Airport.

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